Best Stomach Shapers

Best Stomach Shapers – Belly shapers, just like other shapewear, have received praise and criticism in equal measures since their introduction in the 1970s. They have been lauded for helping millions of women (and men) achieve perfect shape without stepping in the gym. But much vitriol leveled on them is based on the authenticity. They allow the wearer to cheat. Apparently, a lot of women who gleefully strut down the streets with hourglass figures are thought to have something fake beneath. Another thing is that they lull the wearers into a false sense of security when in the real sense they need to lose weight to shape.

Best Stomach Shapers

Best Stomach Shapers

Best Stomach Shapers

Perfect stomach shapers are undergarments that serve to alter the body shape of the wearer temporarily. Contrary to the widespread misconception, tummy shapers don’t enhance a bodily feature. They instead help to control or smooth the display of a body feature. Belly shapers come with each sex’s requirements to help maintain the desired body size. But with this versatility, a lot of men and women still can’t figure out how to pick the best stomach shapers. To find a great belly shaper for you, the first thing you need to do is to take your measurements. Always use the tailor’s measuring tape to measure your waist. Go on the internet to check the favorable reviews before locating the good store.

Materials for Stomach Shapers


It is one of the top materials used to make belly shapers and other shapewear. Polyester is a synthetic and durable fiber with the ability to resist shrinkage and stretch. Additionally, it is mildew and wrinkle resistant – two properties not found in most of the common natural fibers. Belly shapers made from polyester are good in maintaining the correct level of slimming without snapping. One flaw with polyester is that the garment acts too plastic i.e. they are water resistant. You may, therefore, have a hard time washing your polyester shaper. Two examples with over 60{4f24d6049c57c9ea6b1c208f6389a3ca0ea8db62806adeace04961690025d7e2} polyester composition are Valerie Firm Compression Girdle and Titi Powernet Body Shaper.


Just like polyester, it is synthesized from petrochemicals. Its durable fibers have been used to make women’s hosiery since 1938. Its elasticity and lightweight features make it an excellent material for making tummy shapers. It also has low moisture absorbency and poor heat conductivity thus keeping your underbelly warm. One major drawback of Nylon is that its fabric is not compact and loosens easily. Nylon products, therefore, wrinkle and distort depending on size. For those reasons, the nylon constituency in tummy shaper never exceeds 60{4f24d6049c57c9ea6b1c208f6389a3ca0ea8db62806adeace04961690025d7e2}. To strengthen the fabric, Nylon is often blended with other fibers such as wool, cotton, acetate and viscose.


They are other tough synthetic fibers made from hydrocarbons. The acrylic fibers have the characteristics of being soft and bulky. Also, they have very low density, great tenacity and an elastic recovery of over 85{4f24d6049c57c9ea6b1c208f6389a3ca0ea8db62806adeace04961690025d7e2}. They make wrinkle resistant, pile and fleece fabrics. For that reason, they have been found to be an excellent constituent component in making tummy shapers. But Acrylics are not entirely perfect. They generate considerable static electricity and cause a tingling sensation on the skin. Acrylic fabrics also require a fabric softener and warm water to clean. An example of a belly shaper made of Acrylic is Vedette Ivanna Torsette Waist.

Latex and Spandex (Elastane)

These two materials are often used together in some the wearable that requires comfortable elasticity. Save for latex which is a natural rubber. Spandex is complex to synthesize. Rubber isn’t easy to produce either. These materials, therefore, don’t have a wide application in textiles. They are used in making tummy shapers because they can maintain a permanent elastic effect. Also, they achieve a higher tactile sensation much like silk. To enhance these properties, they are blended with other synthetic fibers such as Acrylics. The problem with spandex is that it is overly sensitive to heat and yellows over time. Latex, on the other hand, is too air tight, causing discomfort on the skin.


It is a synthetic rubber of polychloroprene family. It has a lot of similarities with Latex, but it is quite spongy. In many textile applications, Neoprene is often used in place of Latex because it is a synthetic rubber and triggers no allergies. To increase the physical toughness, however, Neoprene is coated with thin sheets of Nylon. It has had a mild presence in contemporary fashion since the 1980s but its extensive use has been restricted in making sportswear and shapewear such as belly shapers which undergo soft stretching. Just like other rubbers, it is water and weather (sunlight degradation, rain) resistant. It is also elastic and forms fitting which are two reasons that make it a priority material in making tummy shapers.

Stomach Shapers for Women

Women tend to be very much concerned with their overall appearance. A lot of women often desire to hide the belly fat and waist imperfections and look as flawless as possible. Achieving the hourglass figure that is often glamorized by feminine fashion magazines is now a priority for a lot of women. Ever since the foundation of Spanx (the pioneer brand and most popular belly shaping products maker) women now go easy on figure adjustments. The general concept of tummy shapers for women came from the women fashion. It was discovered that some women could lose significant inches of the waist if they wore certain dresses with tight waistlines.

Stomach Shapers For Men

At first, the idea of tummy shaping was considered to be a woman’s thing. Then celebrities started donning them. This limelight together with the initial success of women version made it become one of the top accessories in men’s essentials. Tummy shapers for men come in the form of slimming vests. They displace the belly fat and flattens an otherwise bulging underbelly. Two reasons make top stomach shapers a priority for most men. First, just like women, men are also conscious of their appearance hence the need to keep the body shape in check. The second reason is that men are spending far more time at the workplace than before. This deprives them time they can spend at the gym. In such situations, a slimming vest is the best option maintaining the desired shape.


The major advantage of belly shapers is that they produce results in a matter of minutes compared to other slimming methods. The use of belly shapers boosts confidence and self-esteem of the users. This feels great. With belly sharper, you shrink inches on your waistline without even trying. Other than shrinking your figure, belly shapers provide an effective back support to an ill spine. It saves you from strenuous weight loss regiments such as crash diet, heavy workouts, and exercises. All you need is wear your tummy shaper for 4 to 6 hours each day. They are also less costly compared to other shapewear.


If you are a beginner, you may require some assistance to put on tummy shaper. As you might guess, this is a little discouraging. If you want to stay slim and trim the whole day, you need more than one tummy shapers. More good stomach shapers mean more cost. Belly shapers exert undue pressure on the stomach causing stomach upsets. Besides, the pressure can damage underlying blood vessels and eventually lead to blood clotting. The belly shaper feels tight around your waist causing discomfort. The time required to put on the shaper is quite long. Therefore, you are required to dedicate special time slots for the process each morning.

Best Stomach Shapers Reviews

Whether they are good or bad, best stomach shapers have penetrated the mainstream fashion trends. Other than their intended use, they are now considered as a recommendable fashion makeover just like other shapewear. With technology advancement in lightweight fabrics and garment design, belly shapers come in varying shapes, sizes and designs to suit many user needs. But celebrities’ obsession with them tends to mislead people and make them shun the effective techniques of attaining the perfect body shape. But as far as individual body shaping is concerned, you can pursue any technique you want. Prominent tummy shaping products make include Spanx, Just My Size, and Maidenform among others.